FAQ – Frequently Asked Lawn Care Questions

Moisture Management

How often should I water my lawn?

The answer to this often asked question can be complicated. Some experts recommend watering daily to achieve 1-1.5 inches per week. Some say water 2-3 times per week deeply to make sure moisture reaches the root zone. The truth is that there is not a one size fits all when it comes to watering your lawn. Clay soils differ from Sandy soils and irrigation system vary as well. Some sprinkler heads deliver 1.5 gallons per minute and others up to 6 gallons per minute. The best way to determine your watering needs is to schedule a certified lawn technician to visit and make an onsite analysis of your property. At Ecoturf Lawn Care this service is complimentary for our customers.

How high should I mow my lawn?

Most residential lawns in Michigan are best maintained between 3 and 3.5 inches and require weekly mowing. If you mow infrequently you may be harming the lawn by cutting more than 1/3 of the grass blade off at a time. Mulching is good for your lawn as soil microorganisms break down the fine clippings and release trapped nutrients back into the soil. Never let clumps of grass clippings collect on lawn as they can smother small sections and create brown spots.

How do I know if Grubs are eating my lawn?

Several insects are known to feed on lawns in Michigan. Grubs are one of the more common insects damaging lawns. Grub are subsurface feeders and they chew on the root system and separate the roots from the grass blade and the dead grass can easily be lifted away. They are the larval stage of Japanese, European and other beetles. Ecoturf Lawn Care offers a preventative Grub control to control future Grub infestations and a contact Grub control to stop active infestations. A few Grubs in a lawn will not cause enough damage to warrant an insecticide treatment but should always be monitored. Your Ecoturf technician is trained in the proper diagnosis and identification of these insects. Whenever you notice a change in your lawn, notify our office and we will perform a site evaluation.

Liquid or Granular fertilizer. Which is best?

Both Liquid and Granular fertilizers have their place in a quality lawn program. Liquid fertilizers can be easily mixed with weed control products to knock down a wide range of weeds while delivering a controlled dose of stabilized fertilizer at the same time. Granular fertilizers can be combined with crabgrass control and insecticide products. Both of these fertilizer types can be applied as stabilized or slow release and can have Iron added to deepen greening. Ecoturf Lawn Care utilizes both of these fertilizer forms for superior greening and highly effective weed control.

When is the best time to seed my lawn?

Spring and Fall seeding has been proven very successful in Michigan lawns. Spring seeding can be ineffective due to the application of pre-emergent Crabgrass control. Always consult with your lawn specialist to make sure your seeding plans can be maximized. Ecoturf Lawn Care offers complete slice seeding services and can manage the timing and select the best seed type suitable for your yard.